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Our collective focus on success at UC San Diego reflects our understanding that inclusive excellence is not possible unless our students, faculty, and staff are supported to thrive personally and professionally. We are promoting their success through programs and initiatives aimed at professional development, lab and research opportunities, and educational resources.  

Success Through Innovation

At UC San Diego, we support the success of our campus community by encouraging innovation and collaboration to bring forward creative solutions and strategies.

Collective Impact Initiative: Erasing Equity Gaps Using Collective Impact

A collaborative initiative aimed at improving the experience, climate, and performance for all students, faculty, and staff at UC San Diego through the use of datasets, tools, and assessments across programs.  


Elizabeth-H.-Simmons.jpgElizabeth H. Simmons, PhD, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 


  • The Collective Impact approach has supported new initiatives and changes such as Return to Learn, Triton Weeks of Welcome, new Institutional Research department structure into specialized clusters, Human Resources People Proposition, and Emergency Health & Safety (EHS) Community Connections.

The Basement at UCSD 

The Basement serves the campus community by providing a space for students from all academic disciplines to test innovative ideas, apply theory to real-world experiences, and build companies or social innovation ventures. Students can engage in start-up incubators, design and innovation programs, leadership opportunities, and entrepreneurial workshops. 



Jacques Chirazi, MA, Director of Student Entrepreneurship 


Christine Liou, MA, Assistant Director of Operations 


  • Triton Entrepreneur Night (TEN): TEN allows students to showcase their companies to investors, potential customers, and future employees.  
  • The Latinx Leadership Program is a year-long pilot program, started with an Innovation Grant from VC EDI, that empowers students with leadership skills and exposure to real-life entrepreneurial experiences through mini-practicums and summer internships with local start-ups. It is designed to create a sense of community where students can learn about leadership skills through self-discovery, peer-to-peer engagement, and interactions with the greater UC San Diego entrepreneurial ecosystem. 
  • "Entrepreneurship Isn’t Genetic—It’s a Mindset," UC San Diego Today
  • The Basement Receives Inclusive Excellence Award


ASCEND is a women’s leadership network of high-level female business and military leaders from San Diego who meet multiple times a year to create a culture of inclusion and facilitate the mentorship and advancement of more junior professionals. 

Tools for Success: Equity in Research and Teaching 

Creating an inclusive learning environment for our students begins with encouraging our faculty to approach their research and pedagogy with an equity-minded lens.  


The Evidence-based Measures of Empowerment for Research on Gender Equality (EMERGE) initiative is a gender equality and empowerment platform for survey researchers and practitioners working on development, program monitoring and evaluation. 


 Anita-Raj.jpgAnita Raj, PhD, Professor, Infectious Diseases & Global Public Health, School of Medicine, Creator


Rebecka Lundgren, MPH, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Co-Director 


Katherine Hay, MA, Distinguished Fellow and Senior Strategy Advisor, Co-Director



Institutional Research: Equity Research & Analytics

To better meet the data and analytics needs of UC San Diego, Institutional Research (IR), under the leadership of Director Christine Hurley, is undergoing a reorganization. One of the clusters that has emerged from the restructuring is the Equity Research & Analytics team, led by Kristine Kilanski, which works closely with the VC EDI Office to promote equity training for all stewards of data and to encourage data reporting through an EDI lens.  


K-Kilanski.jpgKristine Kilanski, PhD, Director of Equity Research & Analytics 

 VC-Portrait.pngVictoria Couch, PhD, Senior Institutional Research Analyst, Equity Research & Analytics, Institutional Research

ejp.jpgElizabeth Jimenez Perez, MA, Senior Institutional Research Analyst, Equity Research & Analytics, Institutional Research


Teaching + Learning Commons 

The Teaching + Learning Commons is evolving to meet the needs of our growing diverse student population through new programming including two new fellowship programs. The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Learning Community brings facilitators and fellows together as co-learners in a supportive environment, and the Faculty Fellows Program in Community Engaged Learning is a year-long development program for faculty to integrate community engaged learning into their teaching practices.


David-Ruiter.pngDavid Ruiter, PhD, Faculty Director 

Carolyn-Sandoval.jpgCarolyn Sandoval, PhD, Associate Director, Director of Engaged Teaching



Changemaker Institute

The Changemaker Institute provides a supportive infrastructure for interdisciplinary collaboration in research, education, community engagement, and advocacy across campus. Their programs include the College Corps community service program, as well as the Changemaker Faculty Fellows and the Grand Challenge Scholars Program.


Audra-Buck-Coleman.PNGAudra Buck-Coleman, PhD, Associate Director

cat-lettieri.jpgCatherine (Cat) Lettieri, MA, Assistant Director  


Changemaker Leaders 

mandy-bratton.jpgMandy Bratton, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Global Sustainable Development
Wendy-Hunter-Barker.jpgWendy Hunter Barker, Assistant Dean of Strategy and Operations, Rady School of Management
Patty-Mahaffey.jpgPatricia Mahaffey, EdD, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life
David-Ruiter.pngDavid Ruiter, PhD, Faculty Director, Teaching + Learning Commons


Changemaker Champions

Alysson-Satterlund.jpgAlysson M. Satterlund, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Jensen.pngCarlos D. Jensen, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Lisa-Ordonez.jpgLisa Ordóñez, PhD, Dean, Rady School of Management
Becky R Petitt.jpgBecky Petitt, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Pisano.PNGAlbert Pisano, PhD, Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering

The Changemaker Steering Committee also provides guidance and oversight for all Changemaker initiatives at UC San Diego.




Whole Person Success: A Holistic Approach to Well-Being 

As a campus, we are committed to investing in the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff so they can bring their whole, authentic selves to teaching, learning, and working at UC San Diego. We have expanded services and our approaches to mental health from offering culturally responsive mental health services to increased staffing, and from expanding mental health crisis solutions for students to meeting basic needs and reimagining safety on campus. We continue to prioritize the wellness of our community members to support their success.

Human Resources (General Campus)

The People Proposition is Human Resources' new vision for enhancing the experience of working at UC San Diego. To realize this vision, the People Proposition is aligned with guideposts such as the anchor of equity, themed around “respect, recognition and a sense of value; employee agency; and fairness and agility in policies and processes, including compensation.” Supporting this process is the “Yellow Brick Road,” a feedback loop to improve staff experience based on the Staff@Work engagement survey.  



TerriWinbush.jpgTerri Winbush, Chief Human Resources Officer


Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is a confidential Employee Assistance Program designed to help faculty and staff, Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars, UC San Diego emeriti, and retirees resolve concerns affecting personal well-being and/or job performance.  

New and Ongoing Support Groups and Class Offerings: 

  • Tritons Flourish 
  • Neurodivergent Support Groups 
  • BIPOC Support Group 
  • Remote Working Parents Support Groups 
  • Mindful Pause 
  • Navigating Uncertainty and Managing Stress   
  • Hard Times, Soft Tactics: Mind-Body Skills for Busy Professionals   
  • Hiring of more diverse counselors to meet the call for FSAP support for our Black and Latinx faculty and staff. 


FSAP Staff

Jennifer Triana, LCSW, FSAP Counselor; William Youngblood, MS, LMFT, CEAP, CATP, FSAP Counselor; Cathy (Cat) Thompson, PhD, FSAP Counselor; Crystal Green, PhD, LMFT, CEAP, Director; Izabel Francy, LCSW, PMH-C, CEAP, FSAP Counselor; Bryan McNutt, PhD, LMFT, CEAP, FSAP Counselor; Christina Lambert, PhD, FSAP Counselor.



Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides students with in-person and virtual access to counseling, workshops, and community forums, and offers outreach programs and consultation services to the UC San Diego community. 



Taylor McCavanagh, PsyD, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center


Danielle Simien, LCSW, Black Resource Center


Louie Limas, PhD, Raza Resource Centro and APIMEDA Programs and Services


Triton CORE 

Triton CORE is a crisis response team comprised of mental health professionals who provide compassionate mobile crisis response, mental health wellness checks, and telehealth assessment for students facing mental health challenges, substance use related crises, and other forms of distress.  



Ashley Metoyer, LCSW, Lead Mental Health Professional 


Basic Needs Services 

Basic Needs Hub 
Assistance with CalFresh, Technology Lending, Hygiene Products, Lyft, Students with Dependents, Food Security for International and Undocumented Students, Off-campus Housing 

Triton Food Pantry 
Affordable Grocery Store Map, Grocery Shuttle, Food Recovery Network, Food Notification App 

Food Recovery Network: UC San Diego’s local chapter of a national student movement 
Department or Unit 



Alicia Magallanes, MSW, Director, Basic Needs Hub