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As a community, we have a shared responsibility to cultivate and sustain a positive and supportive climate where students, faculty, and staff feel a sense of belonging and feel valued. Fostering a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive allows us to advance our mission to achieve true inclusive excellence.  


Creating a Sense of Belonging 

Enhancing the climate at UC San Diego starts with ensuring a sense of belonging where students see themselves in the classroom, in the programming, centers, events, dining, and other spaces and resources.

Campus Community Centers

The Campus Community Centers and Programs at UC San Diego build affinity among a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff by providing a sense of belonging and access to resources, encouraging networking among peers, and offering culturally relevant programming.  

VC EDI Centers and Programs:
VCSA Centers: 


  • Recent expansion in space at RRC, ITRC, and APIMEDA to better serve the needs of our growing campus community. 
  • UC San Diego has the highest enrollment of student veterans in the UC System and the UC San Diego Student Veterans Resource Center provides resources and community to these scholars. 
  • Undocumented Student Services Center is a partner in the collaboration between UC San Diego and the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE), providing resources on financial aid, applying for AB540 status to qualify for in-state tuition, and other services to support parents and their students. 
  • The Underground Scholars Initiative chapter at UC San Diego kicked off in the Fall of 2019 with its first organized event, “Education, not Incarceration” in collaboration with SAMI (Students Against Mass Incarceration) and C.R.E.A.T.E.   
  • The Hope Scholars Program supports former foster youth, homeless youth, formerly incarcerated, and other disconnected students. In addition, the program awards $1,000 to students who were in foster care after the age of 13 after attending their Hope Scholars event. 

Living Learning Communities 

Our Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) enhance learning by encouraging residents to connect academically and socially. The LLCs are each characterized by residence location, shared co-curricular experiences, access to resources, and activities that reinforce common affinities such as cultural traditions. These LLCs are open to all. They include: 

  • LGBTQIA+ Living-Learning Community (LGBTQIA+ LLC) 
  • Raza Living Learning Community (RLLC) 
  • African Black Diaspora Living-Learning Community (ABDLLC) 
  • Black Graduate Experience LLC (BGELLC) 
  • Warren College Incoming Transfers LLC 
  • Substance Free and Recovery Housing (The Nest LLC) 
  • Multi-Cultural LLC (MCLLC) 
  • I-House 


  • A Black Grad LLC was created through the advocacy of the Black Student Union and Black Graduate and Professional Student Association, in partnership with the administration. 
  • "Living and Learning Neighborhoods Come to Life," UC San Diego Today

Diversity in Dining 

Campus Dining Menu Expansion

Through the advocacy of the Union of Jewish Students and the Muslim Student Association, Housing Dining Hospitality (HDH) worked with the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) to design a fully Halal campus eatery at Canyon Vista Marketplace by reviewing hundreds of recipes and vetting more than a thousand ingredients from vendors to meet the needs of the Muslim community. Oceanview Restaurant in Marshall College provides kosher options and, with advocacy from the Raza Resource Centro, HDH is adding Latinx dining options. 


Hemlata-Jhaveri.jpgHemlata Jhaveri, PhD, Executive Director, Housing Dining and Hospitality 

Leo-Acosta.jpgLeo Acosta, MBA, Assistant Director of Dining Operations, Housing Dining and Hospitality  



Grocery Shuttle Services

UC San Diego's Housing, Dining, and Hospitality (HDH), Transportation Services, and The Hub offer a free, weekly shuttle service to connect the Central Campus and Mesa residential community to the Clairemont/Convoy shopping area. Dining and grocery options include culturally relevant markets and brands, including partnerships with APIMEDA and the Raza Resource Centro, for students to access traditional foods. 


Josh-Kavanah.jpgJosh Kavanagh, MBA, CAPP, Executive Director, Triton Auxiliary Programs & Services 

Alicia-Magallanes-1.jpgAlicia Magallanes, MSW, Director, Basic Needs Hub 



The UC San Diego Athletics Department has demonstrated its committment to equity, diversity, and inclusion by establishing an internal EDI committee, Tritons Rise Up, and meeting the needs of student scholars by increasing anti-racism education within the department. 


Earl-Edwards.PNGEarl W. Edwards, Director of Athletics 


Hillel Center Partnership with UC San Diego 

Hillel of San Diego enriches campus life by encouraging students of all backgrounds to form deep, personal connections to Jewish life and learning, build community, explore social justice issues, and develop leadership skills.  


Karen-Parry.pngKaren Parry, MA, Executive Director 


Lisa Motenko, MA, Associate Executive Director 


Gender Recognition and Lived Name 

The UC Presidential Policy on Gender Recognition and Lived Name went into effect in 2020 to ensure that all campus community members are identified by their accurate gender identity and lived name. A task force was created with Executive Sponsorship and under the leadership of LGBT Resource Center Director, Shaun Travers, to implement this policy at UC San Diego. 


Implementation Task Force Leadership: 

Shaun-Travers.jpgShaun Travers, EdD, Director, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

Peal-Trinidad.jpgPearl Trinidad, Executive Director, Business Transformation and Optimization 

Cindy-Palmer.pngCindy Palmer, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel 

Crystal-Cene.jpgCrystal Wiley Cene, MD, Chief Administrative Officer, Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

David-Garrison.pngDavid Garrison, EdD, Senior Associate Registrar 

Kevin-Chou.pngKevin Chou, JD, Deputy Chief Information Officer

Executive Sponsors: 

petitt.jpgBecky R. Petitt, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Pierre-Ouillet.jpgPierre Ouillet, MBA, Vice Chancellor, Chief Financial Officer 

Vince-Kellen.jpgVince Kellen, PhD, Chief Information Officer 

Patty-Maysent.pngPatty Maysent, MBA, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, UC San Diego Health

Gender Affirming Care Coordinators: 

Mely-Quiroz.jpgMely Quiroz, MS 

Tay-Richardson.pngTay Richardson, MS 


  • Executive Sponsorship was obtained to demonstrate support at the highest level for implementation in their respective systems. 
  • The creation of a UC Learning Module for the campus community to learn more about the UC policy and gender pronouns. 
  • The hiring of two Gender Affirming Care Coordinators to provide education and support services. 
  • "What’s In a Name?" UC San Diego Today
  • "New Student Health Leader Envisions Holistic, Gender-Affirming Care," UC San Diego Today


UC San Diego Powwow 

The UC San Diego Powwow brings Native American culture to campus by creating access to higher education for Native American youth and promoting a sense of belonging for our current Native American students. The Powwow educates the UC San Diego community about Native American cultures while providing a space for Native American students to express and experience their own unique cultures. 


Accessibility at UC San Diego 

 In 2021, an external review of our infrastructure and services was conducted virtually by the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) to improve the experience of people with disabilities on campus. The School of Medicine and the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences also conducted an external review. 


  • The campus created the Triton Testing Center Pilot Program during Winter 2021 and a proposal for a permanent testing center has been submitted. 
  • The OSD will continue to provide provisional accommodations for a quarter for students who are newly diagnosed in alignment with AHEAD’s recommendations. 
  • A Committee on Universal Seating comprised of students and staff has been created and convened to look at modifications to furniture in classrooms to provide universal access to all individuals who utilize classroom spaces. John Hughes, AVC-Student Affairs, chairs the committee. 
  • The Digital Accessibility Committee was formed in January 2023 and is working with the Electronic Accessibility Oversight Committee on several initiatives, including information on website accessibility. A process and online form are being created to allow the campus to identify websites and other digital environments that need to be modified for access. More information can be found at UC San Diego Accessibility. 
  • Campus Announcement: Update on UC San Diego’s Accessibility Efforts
  • AHEAD Report 
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)    

Developing Knowledge Partners 

In an effort to confront issues like racism, sexism, and discrimination, we have created intentional opportunities for our community members to learn alongside one another with the shared goal of fostering a more safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment.  

21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge 

Inspired by diversity scholar Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.’s 21-Day Challenge concept, the Chancellor's 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge invites participants to explore anti-racism with the goal of promoting awareness, compassion, understanding, and engagement around anti-racism. 


petitt.jpgBecky R. Petitt, PhD, Vice Chancellor, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Edwina-Welch.jpgEdwina Welch, EdD, Consultant for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Former Director, Cross Cultural Center 

Frank-Silva.jpgFrank Silva, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Vanessa-Haro.jpegVanessa Haro, MSW, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Sade Graves, Former VC EDI Communications Manager 
Nancy Magpusao, formerly employed with the Cross Cultural Center 
UC San Diego Staff and Faculty Panelists 


Anti-Racism Library Guide: Resources for Education and Action 

A guide focused on topics of racism and anti-racism intended to help users delve into details of scholarship, deliver resources for classroom use or for self-education, and then build sustainable practices for individuals and institutions. Modules include Getting Started: Educate Yourself; Doing the Work: How to Be an Ally; Systemic Racism: Digging Deeper; and others. 



Erik Mitchell, PhD, Audrey Geisel University Librarian

Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

UC San Diego Health: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Office 

The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office aims to strengthen the partnership between Health and the VC EDI office to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, health disparities and their root causes. The office also promotes staff education through Knowledge Building Sessions (such as “How Did We Get Here? Structural racism in health systems, organizational culture, and leadership behaviors”), Fishbowl Dialogues to foster inclusion, Leadership Training Workshops on race and racism, and a train-the-trainer model for the California Health Care Safety Net Institute Community of Practice Conference. 


Crystal-Cene.jpgCrystal Wiley Cené, MD, Chief Administrative Officer, Health JEDI,  

Lynette.jpgLynette Essey, MBA, Senior Director, Strategy and Operations 

Shivon Carreno, Implementation Coach

Felicia-Ferguson.jpg Felicia Ferguson, Executive Assistant 

Kelly-Leon.jpgKelly Leon, Administrative Assistant 

Martha-Gonzalez.jpgMartha Gonzalez, Community Health Equity Specialist

Tritons Tackling Series...Xenophobia, Educational Inequity, Anti-Blackness 

In collaboration with the UC San Diego Alumni Association and leading UC San Diego experts, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Dr. Becky R. Petitt, facilitated a conversation on the impacts of Xenophobia before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, education inequity, and anti-Blackness. 


  • Engagement with the campus on EDI-related topics and issues was sustained during the pandemic through this successful collaboration to stream live webinars and discussions for the UC San Diego community. 
  • Tritons Tackling Series Playlist

Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (CARE) at Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) Celebrates 30 years 

CARE at the SARC, UC San Diego’s confidential advocacy and education office, honored its 30th anniversary in 2018 with programming to highlight UC San Diego’s history of providing support services and prevention education to the campus community. Events included a “Before #MeToo: The History of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at UC San Diego” panel discussion and more. 


Nancy-Wahlig.jpgNancy Wahlig, MSW, Founder and Former Director


Judith Bruner, JD, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer 

 Frapwell_Marianne-03L.jpgMarianne Frapwell, MSW, MBA, Director of CARE at SARC as of 2021


White Allyship, Action, and Accountability 

Following the Chancellor’s 21-day Anti-racism Challenge, the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion received requests for resources and education to be an effective ally. In response, the VC EDI office established the White Allyship, Action & Accountability initiative and complementary webinars to holistically and comprehensively promote anti-racism and advance racial equity at UC San Diego. 


  • Recruited a number of collaborators from across campus who participated in the intensive program as representatives from their respective areas (Staff Association, Student Affairs, Human Resources, School of Global Policy and Strategy, Jacobs School of Engineering, Arts & Humanities, UC San Diego Health, Physical Sciences, Athletics) 
  • Two webinars with Dr. Kathy Obear, Organizational Change Consultant at the Center for Transformation and Change 
  • "UC San Diego Launches White Allyship Initiative to Support Anti-Racism Work," UC San Diego Today

DEEP Connections

 DEEP Connections (Developing Engagement through Existing Pipeline Connections) is a lecture series that explores the intersections of diversity and science by highlighting the scientific endeavors of historically underrepresented scholars who are advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in the fields of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences. 


  • Panelists have included prominent scholars in their respective fields such as Dr. Hendratta N. Ali, Dr. Aradhna Tripati, Dr. Asmeret Berhe, Dr. Lisa White, and more.

Celebrating Our Diverse Cultures 

Each year at UC San Diego, we celebrate and honor the cultures that make our campus community unique and thriving through our annual heritage months events. These events have expanded small scale gatherings to large celebrations raising cultural awareness through art, music, authentic cuisine, and high-profile speakers, and have raised thousands of dollars in scholarships annually.  

Heritage Month Celebrations 

Annual Cultural Celebration Events 
  • Latinx Heritage Month
  • Native American Heritage Month Celebration and Outstanding Native Triton Award Event 
  • Black History Month Scholarship Brunch Event 
  • César E. Chávez Celebration Month Event and Scholarship Awards and Latinx Heritage Month Commemoration Event 
  • Asian and Pacific-Islander American Heritage Month Celebration Event and Scholarship Awards
  • Juneteenth  


  • Four scholarships ranging from $700 to $2,500 are awarded each year at the different Cultural Heritage Celebrations 
  • Keynote speakers since 2018 have included: Yvett Merino, Dr. Mary Frances Berry, Isabel Wilkerson, Paul Chávez, Minh Lê, Rosa Clemente, Col. Gregory D. Gadson, Kennedy Calvin Phounsiri 
  • Longtime volunteers who have sustained the cultural heritage events through the years include Pamela Frugé, Davyda Johnson, Darlene Schlueter, Dr. Mario Garibay, Jocelyn Pacheco, Belinda Zamacona, Margaret Rattanachane, Elena Hood, and Geneva Lofton-Fitzsimmons 

Art and Culture at UC San Diego 

Epstein Family Amphitheatre 

The Epstein Amphitheater creates a diverse entertainment experience featuring high-profile acts and local artists, as well as vibrant murals that represent and attract the community at UC San Diego and beyond. 


Colleen-Kollar-Smith.jpgColleen Kollar Smith, MA, Inaugural Executive Director 

Recent Events and Performances 

Stuart Collection

A collection of art throughout the UC San Diego campus with a focus on cultural enrichment and education around topics such as movements and social justice issues such as Kahnop by Ann Hamilton. 


Jessica-Berlanger.pngJessica Berlanga Taylor, MA, Director 




Recent Commissions 


The Stuart Collection commissioned an 800-foot-long stone path by Ann Hamilton that includes words featuring a feminist narrative, Yeechesh Cha’alk (A Woman’s Heart), transcribed by two Kumeyaay scholars, Alexandria Hunter (Kumeyaay/Rincon Luiseño), enrolled member from Jamul Indian village, alumna of UC San Diego and Eva Trujillo, Siny ‘Iipay (northern woman) from the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians reservation, an alumna of UC San Diego and Repatriation Coordinator. The path was built through a collaboration with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s (MTS) extension of the Mid-Coast Trolley line north to the University campus.     

Return to Learn (RTL) 

Equity-centered leadership requires leading with “explicit attention to structural inequality and institutionalized racism and demands system-changing responses.”  (Bensimon, 2018). 

The COVID-19 pandemic presented every area of campus life with unprecedented challenges and UC San Diego responded with equity-centered leadership at the forefront of the launch of Return to Learn, a cutting-edge program leveraging our expertise in public health, infectious disease, and student services to resume in-person activities as safely as possible while meeting the needs of our campus community.  

Return to Learn

Equity-minded approaches to the student, faculty, and staff experience through Return to Learn (RTL): 
  • Supportive resources for all instructors: outdoor classrooms, auto-podcasting, teaching technology liaisons 
  • Immediate actions: auto-extension of tenure clock, repurposing travel grants, flexibility on teaching evaluations 
  • No-Cost Testing via multiple Vending Machine locations, Drive-Up sites, and at two central testing Campus locations and no-cost Vaccination Campus locations seven days a week for student, faculty, and staff 
  • Telemedicine options for health and mental health services 
  • Expanded outreach and support for most affected local communities through the UC San Diego Health Equity-informed Vaccine Deployment Strategy 
  • Sustained services, advocacy, and support to students from the campus resource centers through the pandemic, moving center programming and community events to a remote environment. 

We extend our sincere gratitude to those who continued to work on campus through the pandemic to sustain operations such as our UC San Diego Health, Health Sciences, and Facilities Management and custodial personnel and others who kept the light on for our UC San Diego community.